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Preventive & Training

Training & Education

InnnoScan machines are designed for user friendliness and can be operated with a minimum of training. Modern Inspection Machines are however advanced and complicated constructs requiring a lot of knowledge for optimum use and to maximize Return on Investment. InnoScan offers training on any level and for any type of personel from basic beginner all the way to advanced parameterization for both operators, managers, mechanics, electricians, IT and image experts.

Scheduled overhaul

In order to maintain your machines readiness you can optionally request a preventive maintenance visit, where experienced InnoScan engineers will verify all major parts of the machine, exchange worn out parts and suggest recommended changes. Such a visit includes the following activities:

  • Functional check
  • Verify equipment condition
  • Adjustments (mechanical & electrical)
  • Provide and replace worn out parts (wear parts and other parts)
  • Cleaning and required lubrication

The visit results in a report covering actions taken and recommendations for customer maintenance personnel.